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Preface to the 1995 Edition

Author's Note


PART ONE Buckner's War


               CHAPTER ONE     Japan Steams North

              CHAPTER TWO     "You Will Be Governed by the

                                         Principle of Calculated Risk"

           CHAPTER THREE     The Battle of Dutch Harbor:

                                         The First Day

             CHAPTER FOUR     The Battle of Dutch Harbor:

                                         The Second Day

               CHAPTER FIVE     Buckner's Beehive

                 CHAPTER SIX     "The Airfield Is for Use Either

                                           by Ourselves or by the Enemy,

                                           Whichever Gets There First"


PART TWO Eareckson's War


           CHAPTER SEVEN     The Forward Blitz

            CHAPTER EIGHT     Mission to Seek and Destroy

                                         Enemy in Alaska

              CHAPTER NINE     "When You Could See a Hundred

                                         Feet, That Was a Clear Day"

               CHAPTER TEN     The Navy's Spring Plowing

          CHAPTER ELEVEN     Foward to Adak

        CHAPTER TWELVE     "I had a Sheep-Lined Fur Parka-

                                         And Then I had One to Wear Outdoors"


PART THREE Kinkaid's War


    CHAPTER THIRTEEN     Kinkaid's Blockade

   CHAPTER FOURTEEN     The Battle of the Komandorskis

       CHAPTER FIFTEEN     "The Hunger Was Maddening..."

      CHAPTER SIXTEEN     Operation Landcrab

  CHAPTER SEVENTEEN     The Battle of Attu

    CHAPTER EIGHTEEN     The Raids on Paramushiro

    CHAPTER NINETEEN     Battle of the Pips

      CHAPTER TWENTY     The Invasion of Kiska




Appendix One      Further Discussion of the

                            Paramushiro Raids

Appendix Two     Further Discussion of the

                            Battle of the Pips

Bibliographical Remarks


Bibliographic Addendum 1995


Tall, handsome, charming Col. Richard Meinertzhagen (1878–1967) was an acclaimed British war hero, a secret agent, and a dean of international ornithology. His exploits inspired three biographies, movies have been based on his life, and a square in Jerusalem is dedicated to his memory. Meinertzhagen was trusted by Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George, Chaim Weizmann, David Ben Gurion, T. E. Lawrence, Elspeth Huxley, and a great many others. He bamboozled them all. Meinertzhagen was a fraud. Many of the adventures recorded in his celebrated diaries were imaginary, including a meeting with Hitler while he had a loaded pistol in his pocket, an attempt to rescue the Russian royal family in 1918, and a shoot-out with Arabs in Haifa when he was seventy years old. True, he was a key player in Middle Eastern events after World War I, and during the 1930s he represented Zionism's interests in negotiations with Germany. But he also set up Nazi front organizations in England, committed a half-century of major and costly scientific fraud, and -- oddly -- may have been innocent of many killings to which he confessed (e.g., the murder of his own polo groom -- a crime of which he cheerfully boasted, although the evidence suggests it never occurred at all). Further, he may have been guilty of at least one homicide of which he professed innocence. A compelling read about a flamboyant rogue, The Meinertzhagen Mystery shows how recorded history reflects not what happened, but what we believe happened.

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