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Arbalaez-Montoya, Maria Patricia (Colombia)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 1997
     BCG vaccine effectiveness in preventing tuberculosis and its interaction with HIV infection

Baganizi, Enias (Rwanda)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 1995
     Prevalence, incidence and risk factors of HIV-1 infection among students in Rwanda

Bagenda, Danstan (Uganda)   PhD/International Health -anticipated May 2007
     Determining optimal breastfeeding in HIV-affected, resource poor settings  

Barroso, Paulo Feijo (Brazil)   PhD/International Health - May 1992
     The effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy in reducing HIV-1 seminal shedding and determinants of HIV-1 in semen 

Bellete, Bahrie (Ethiopia)   PhD/MMI - May 2001
     Evaluation of quanti-feron TB test for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection

Chariyalertsak, Suwat (Thailand)   DrPH/Epidemiology - May 1996
     Epidemiology and risk factors associated with Penicillium marneffei infections in HIV-infected patients in the north of Thailand

Guimaraes, Mark Drew (Brazil)   ScD/International Health - May 1993
     Heterosexual transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Brazil: A comparison of sexual practices

Gupte, Nikhil Anil (India)   PhD/Biostatistics - May 2004
     Statistical models and methods for Mother to Infant HIV transmission studies

Hiransuthikul, Narin (Thailand)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 2004
     INH preventive therapy among Thai adult HIV-infected patients

Kawichai, Surinda (Thailand)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 2002
     Human immunodeficiency virus voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) in northern Thailand

Kibirige-Shacklett, Catherine (Uganda)  PhD/MMI -anticipated May 2007
     The role of virus induced apoptosis of T cells in HIV pathogenesis

Kumwenda, Newton Isaac (Malawi)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 1996
     Seroprevalence, incidence and risk factors for HIV infection among men in a rural area in Malawi

Lima, Luiz Antonio Alves de (Brazil)   PhD/International Health - May 2003
     Risk factors for Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) infection among homosexual men at high risk for HIV infection in Brazil

Mutuluuza, Cissy Kityo (Uganda)   DrPH/Epidemiology -anticipated May 2007
     Viral set point, disease progression and treatment response: Role of HIV-1 subtypes

Ndovi, Thomas Themba (Malawi)   PhD/Clinical Investigation - May 2005
     Compartmental kinectics of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) in the human male genital tract

Niyonzima, Jean Marie (Rwanda)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 1997
     Cofactors for human T-lymphotropic virus type I and II (HTLV-I/II) infection in a population of women in Rwanda, Africa

Oomann, Nandini (India)   PhD/International Health - May 1996
     Poverty and pathology: Comparing rural Rajasthani women's ethnomedical models with  biomedical modesl of reproductive morbidity: Implications for women's health in India 

Perngmark, Pajongsil (Thailand)  PhD/HPM - May 2002
     HIV infection and behavioral risk factors among injecting drug users in southern Thailand

Phengsavanh, Alongkone (Laos)   PhD/Epidemiology - July 2006
     Migration and risk behavior for STD and HIV/AIDS along the route from Thailand to China vis Laos
(Degree from Prince of Songkla University in Thailand)

Philavong, Bounpheng (Laos)  DrPH/International Health - May 1998
     Neonatal tetanus: A community-based study on risk factors and tetanus toxoid effectiveness in Lao People's Democratic Republic

Proietti, Fernando Augusto (Brazil)   ScD/Epidemiology - May 1993
Clinical manifestations and risk factors for HTLV (HTLV-I, HTLV-II) and HTLV/HIV co-infection among intravenous drug users in Baltimore, Maryland: A cross sectional study

Rangsin, Ram (Thailand)  DrPH/Epidemiology - May 2001
     The natural history of HIV-1 subtype E infection among young Thai men after seroconversion

Rwangabwoba, Jean Marie Vianney (Rwanda)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 1996
     The mortality experience of adult persons co-infected with HIV and Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Rwanda

Sadaphal, Pankaj (India)   DrPH/Epidemiology - May 2006
     The World Bank-ORG Tuberculosis Patient Survey: Lessons from three states in India

Sahasrabuddhe, Vikrant (India)   DrPH/Epidemiology - May 2006
     Cervical cancer screening among HIV-infected women in resource limited settings
(Degree from University of Alabamba-Birmingham)

Sawanpanyalert, Pathom (Thailand)   DrPH/Epidemiology - May 1995
     Development of a donation deferral scoring system for HIV-1 virus infection among blood donors

Shukla, Rajendra Shankar (India)   DrPH/International Health - May 2006
    A study of treatment completion and default under DOTS-based TB control program in West Bengal, India

Thaikruea, Lakkana (Thailand)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 2003
     Epidemiology of hepatitis C virus infection among blood donors in northern Thailand

Utaipat, Utaiwan (Thailand)   PhD/MMI - May 2006
     Effect of hormonal contraceptive on the natural history of Human Papillomavirus infections in Thailand

Valente, Joaquim Goncalves (Brazil)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 1995
     New exclusion criteria for blood donor deferral at the State Institute of Hematology, Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil: A case-control study for the transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus

Visrutaratana, Surasing (Thailand)   DrPH/Epidemiology - May 1997
     Prevention of HIV/AIDS by community training (PACT)

Wabwire-Mangen, Fred (Uganda)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 1995
     Maternal and placental risk factors for vertical transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus in Uganda

Wang, Cunlin (China)   PhD/Epidemiology - May 2005
     Mortality study of injection drug users in ALIVE (AIDS linked intravenous experience) cohort


Banchongphanith, Ketmala (Laos)   MHS - July 2001
     Factors influencing universal precautions behavior for AIDS prevention among College of Health Technology students in Vientianne, Lao PDR
(Degree from Chiang Mai University in Thailand)

Chongsomchai, Chompilas (Thailand)   MHS/Epidemiology - May 1999
     The effect of hormonal contraceptive use on the risk of HIV infection

Jonnalagadda, Sasi Rekha (India)   MHS/Epidemiology - May 2003
     HIV and infant feeding: Factors impacting change in infant feeding practices of HIV-infected Indian mothers

Kashamuka, Mwandagalirwa (DR Congo)   MHS/MMI - May 2001
     Co-infection with Malaria and HIV in sub-Saharan Africa: Is there an interaction?

Katundu, Pauline (Malawi)   MHS/MMI - May 2002
     Improving screening for cervical cancer

Makumbi, Fred (Uganda)   MHS/PFHS - May 2000
     The impact of child fostering on women's fertility and the survival of children in Rakai District, Uganda

Manivong, Sisavath (Laos)   MHS - June 2002
The prevalence and risk factors for HIV infection among Lao migrants working periodically in Thailand
(Degree from Chiang Mai University in Thailand)

Mutuluuza, Cissy Kityo (Uganda)   ScM/Epidemiology - May 1999
    A combined analysis to compare ALVAC-rpg 120 immunization regimen given within 6 months

Nalugoda, Fred (Uganda)   MHS/Population Dynamics - May 1999
     HIV infection in rural households, Rakai District, Southwestern Uganda

Nouanthong, Phonethipsavanh (Laos)   MHS - September 2005
Enumeration of T-lymphocyte sub-population by non Flowcytometry
(Degree at Chiang Mai University in Thailand)

Phetvixay, Phengphet (Laos)   MHS - July 2000
Sexual risk behavior of male students in the National University of Laos, Vientianne, Lao PDR
(Degree at Chiang Mai University in Thailand)

Piyaraj, Phunlerd (Thailand)   MHS - anticipated July 2007
     Natural history of HIV-1 subtype E infection in Thai men 12-15 years after infection
(Degree at Chiang Mai University in Thailand)

Praparattanapan, Jutarat (Thailand)   MHS - July 2004
Production and evaluation of recombinant antigens for detection of specific antibodies against Penicillium marneffei in AIDS patients
(Degree at Chiang Mai University in Thailand)

Prommuangyong, Kunrunya (Thailand)   MHS - July 2006
Micronutrients status in HIV-infected adults in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand
(Degree from Chiang Mai University in Thailand)

Sakkachornphop, Suphachai (Thailand)   MHS - July 2006
     Development, evaluation and application of multi-region, subtype specific PCR (MSSP) assay to genetically identify HIV-1 subtypes B, C, CRF01_AE and their forms recombinant forms
(Degree from Chiang Mai University in Thailand)



There is a need to sustain African people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs) in good health for as long as possible, while at the same time preventing further risks of HIV transmission to self and others. Living with a HIV diagnosis creates what I have called HIV status stress. Using a HIV Status Stress Scale and an Adherence to HIV/AIDS Treatment and Prevention Scale that were developed for this investigation, along with two existing measures--the Sources of Social Support Scale and the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scale, this study sought to determine adherence to HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention among 212 participants randomly selected from two non-profit organizations in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. Study findings highlight the direct effect of HIV status stress on decreased adherence to treatment and prevention regimes and on increased sexual risk behaviors. Informal social support was found to buffer the impact of HIV status stress on sexual risk. These findings hold important implications for public health and social work practice.


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