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Need For Change

Change entails becoming different in a particular way of life. Change is simply a path and an important element of flourishing life. For us to thrive in this world full of evolving challenges, need for change is an inevitable deal. If we are not ready to embrace change then we should be ready to embrace extinction. Change is an imperative aspect of life. As an element to economic, social, political, physical, and spiritual developments of a human being, need for change is vitally necessary.

Why We Need Change

Change is basic and fundamental need for any personal willing to excel in life. There are several reasons that propel us to call for change. First, change is an essential component of any individual willing to acquire personal growth. Secondly, one may want to change in order to acquire significant unexampled insights that will lead him/her to the target objectives. Thirdly, one may need to effect change in his/her life for purpose of flexibility. Frequent and random changes make one flexible in conforming to new challenging circumstances that may affect his/her life. Rather than freaking out an individual who embraces change is able to persevere and adapt easily to the new intriguing unexpected situations. Change is equally important for any individual seeking improvements in daily circles of life. To improve substantially in relationships, finances, businesses as well as in line of work, effecting a change is inevitable. In absence of change, stagnation occurs and consequently improvement and personal development is inhibited.

Change is essential in acquiring strength during hopeless situations. For one to move on with life as usual after a tough and challenging ordeal, need for change is all-important. Change is a requisite of substantive progress in new opportunities. Unless one changes, venturing into new rewarding opportunities remains a fantasy. Change is the foundation of new beginnings in career, jobs, and various other values of life.


Concisely, need for change is essential to the life of human being. Any person who is not willing to change is limited in personal development and success. Every successful individual out there is one who has dared to change. There is necessity for change in various aspects of person’s life. For success in relationships, finances, businesses and career opportunities, adapting change is of essence. Every instance that stagnate progress towards attaining of individual success objectives calls for a prompt and designed change. Finally, we must be all advocates of change, for without change success remains an illusion.

Personal Narrative- Making Positive Changes Essay

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Personal Narrative- Making Positive Changes

I have positive attributes and weaknesses as everyone else does. However, since I came from Peru to America, I experienced many changes in my personality from a shy girl to an independent, outgoing and friendly teenager. My strongest personal attributes are generosity, my spirit of collaboration and my perseverance to achieve any goals and overcome obstacles in my life. For example, when I was in Peru I used to go to a hospital to help children with disabilities. I used to visit them very often. I played with them so that they could forget for a while about their sickness. At the time I could make them happy and they enjoyed a nice moment getting to know me. By helping them, I felt a great…show more content…

People might say that I am not that talkative. When I was in school I wasn’t the kind of girl who goes and talks to everyone, unless I knew the person. I always had to wait for someone to start a conversation with me. That’s why in some way it was hard for me to make friends as a child, because of my shyness.

When my parents decided to come here, it was kind of a shock for me. First of all, the language and the challenge to start a new life, meet new people and adapt myself to the new and different customs worried me. Here in the United States, the fact that I didn’t speak English really well made the high school separate me from the other students, putting me into a different program; ESL. This program helped me a lot, because the teacher encourage us to not give up. She told us that it is good to experience sometimes some changes in our lives. That’s how we can learn more and improve ourselves. She also talked with the principal about doing a diversity program to help ESL students integrate more with the rest of the school. She encouraged us to talk about and to feel proud of the differences in our cultures. By overcoming this huge change, this experience made me grow more inside as a person.

Now, I am more independent, a little bit more outgoing and friendly. I’m more independent in the way that I have a job and I don’t depend anymore on my parent’s money. I can buy and have all what I want, but always keeping in mind to save for tomorrow. The

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