Contemporary British Poetry Essays In Theory And Criticism Pdf


Romana Huk

1 Donald Davie and the Failure of Englishness
Antony Easthope

2 The Poetry of Roy Fisher
John Matthias

3 Poets of A Various Art: J. H. Prynne, Veronica Forrest-Thomson, Andrew Crozier
Edward Larrissy

4 Poetry and the Women's Movement in Postwar Britain
Claire Buck

5 Ian Hamilton Finlay and Concrete Poetry
Nicholas Zurbrugg

6 From Myth into History: The Later Poetry of Thom Gunn and Ted Hughes
Paul Giles

7 Poetry of the Committed Individual: Jon Silkin, Tony Harrison, Geoffrey Hill, and the Poets of Postwar Leeds
Romana Huk

8 "Upon the Slippery Place"; or, In the Shit: Geoffrey Hill's Writing and the Failures of Postmodern Memory
R. K. Meiners

9 "Look for the Doing Words": Carol Ann Duffy and Questions of Convention
Linda Kinnahan

10 Postfeminist Poetry?: "one more word for balls"
Vicki Bertram

11 Bass History Is A-Moving: Black Men's Poetry in Britain
Alastair Niven

12 Accent and Identity: Women Poets of Many Parts
C. L. Innes

13 From the Lost Ground: Liz Lochhead, Douglas Dunn, and Contemporary Scottish Poetry
Cairns Craig

14 Wales and the Cultural Politics of Identity: Gillian Clarke, Robert Minhinnick, and Jeremy Hooker
Linden Peach

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Published 2014. Paperback, 342pp, 9x6ins, £14.95 / $24

ISBN 9781848613058 [Download a sample PDF from this book here.]


Little White Bull takes a fresh look at the times before the day before yesterday, not the end times but the new beginnings, and tries to show how British fiction grappled with subjects as thorny and diverse as the impact of mass immigration and a new kind of rootless working-class character uncontained by previous conceptions of him or herself, and apparently ready to go to war over them. This exciting and readable book presents the fifties and sixties as a crucible of new departures, asking what remains and continues from those decades into the cultural present. It takes the form of a series of thematic essays each of which discusses the work of an individual or group of novelists.

     Writers examined in this book are Paul Ableman, Brian Aldiss, Kingsley Amis, J.G. Ballard, Lynn Reid Banks, John Berger, John Braine, Angela Carter, Nell Dunn, Gillian Freeman, Barry Hines, B.S. Johnson, Doris Lessing, Colin Macinnes, Michael Moorcock, Iris Murdoch, V.S. Naipaul, Bill Naughton, Edna O’Brien, Harold Pinter, Samuel Selvon, Alan Sillitoe, David Storey, Jack Trevor Story, Leslie Thomas, Alexander Trocchi, John Wain, Keith Waterhouse, Raymond Williams and Colin Wilson.


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