Should This Student Have Been Expelled Essay

Should Doug Hann Be Expelled- Argument Essay

Quincy Day Eng. 095 Mrs. Dahlin October 31, 2012 Should Doug Hann be Expelled Racism, a word that describes people that have hatred for others cause of their race, sexual orientation, religion and sex just to name a few. It exists everywhere especially in our universities, there’s a article written by one Nat Hentoff about a Caucasian male being expelled for racial slurs he direction to other students his name is Doug Hann. Doug Hann broke the rules and lashed out verbally on innocent students so yes he should be expelled.

He’s hiding behind the free speech amendment “Freedom of Speech,” which usually all racists do to get away with their actions. According to the president of Brown University, there’s an agreement that every new student signs before he or she attends the university. In this agreement it gives a list of standards of acceptable behavior at Brown university that has been read for more than 10 years by entering students who agree in writing to abide by them. Now prior to this event Hann was involved in another incident with a Brown student.

He was in an encounter with a fellow student at a fraternity bar, while intoxicated again, he called the guy a NIGGER! So it’s not like this is something Hann just did, it’s something he is known to do especially while being drunk, so he’s trying to hide behind the 1st amendment :Freedom of Speech Now don’t quote me on this but Freedom of Speech means freedom to speak freely where you don’t have to ask for permission to speak right. You know that saying “when your drunk you speak the truth of what’s on your mind? So I believe he did it knowingly and purposely and he needs to be drunk to do it. The argument is that Hann didn’t act on anything so it’s called Freedom of Speech. Really? Don’t you think saying what you think is acting out on your thoughts. Now speaking freely is not directed at anyone its speaking so people can hear usually a message or scripture or things that we want the public or community to hear. Now we can argue all day about whether or not its freedom of speech and so n but what about the rules he broke in the process? That has to be enforced or that whole agreement is null and void. If anything that is one thing that the universities in American do and will continue doing is upholding the rules. Rules are made for a reason, without rules there would be no structure and we would be in utter chaos. So either way you look at it rules were broken and consequences were handed out. He’s the first to be expelled and the first to break the rules, there’s always going to be a first time for everyone.

When that first time comes are we just suppose to overlook it, of course not. The constitution also states that were all created equal, so that means the rules apply to everyone. So Hann needs to man up and take the consequence that were handed to him I bet you anything this is not going to be the end of Hann and his racial slurs. Works Cited Hentoff, Nat. “Should This Student Have Been Expelled” 75 Readings Plus 9th Edition Edu. Sani V. Buscemi and Charlotte Smith. New York: Mcgraw Hill 2010. 398-402 print

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Should Doug Hann Be Expelled- Argument Essay

Freedom of speech

The article "should this student have been expelled" by Nat Hentoff the author values freedom of speech no matter how offensive words could be. Doug Han was expelled due to his choice of words, while being intoxicated on his twenty-first birthday shouting in a courtyard "fuck you nigger" after being asked to quiet down and not be so offensive. Causing a further offense insulting a student after seeing an Israeli flag, shouting "fucking jew." A decision that had to be made by President brown whether the student needed to be expelled. This student shouldn’t have been expelled for his choice of words, because actions were not involved in the situation. You have the right to express your opinion in any way or form.
Hann was kicked out for speech and only speech. I understand words could be offensive but   there wasn’t any sort of physical combat that hurt other students for Hann to get expelled. In the press release Gregorian underlined the word actions, stating that rules don’t proscribe words they proscribe behavior. Therefore that shows that the code of conduct does not prohibit speech. The author tries to convince the readers that Hann shouldn’t have been expelled because physical actions were not involved in the situation just verbal offense.
The University has certain codes to follow. Hentoff proves that they misinterpreted the codes for Brown mentioning inappropriate behavior, abusive   threatening or demeaning actions is prohibited. Hentoff believed that "hate codes" was used in Hann's expulsion and only violated the first amendment and Hann's right of freedom of speech. The hate speech code was one of the codes but no one had never been expelled for violating that code until Hann.   If the University was   following the codes then expelling Hann wasn’t the right option for the reason of, forbidding speech is not apart of the codes, he didn’t hurt anyone physically but verbally.
Nat Hentoff argued that no matter how offensive words are you...

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