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What makes a person mature? Is it the way people interact with each other in a way that politeness is the highest priority? Does it have something to do with the growth of the body? Well, whatever it is I have heard it a thousand times over and over again from different people and I never really understood it. Some people just come up to me and say “You have to grow up you know because the world is no place for sophomoric children!” When I hear these words I often ask myself what ‘world’ they are talking about. Is it the graceful world from story books and fairytales that everyone wishes to live in? Maybe it is the world of old battles and conflicts that mark the world with a bitter taste of terror. However, I believe that they all talk…show more content…

Only once in my life, I have been punished so harsh that even shocked my mother for months. It left me scars and an unforgettable memory that I can recall even nowadays by looking into the mirror. On that particular day I have finally realized what being irresponsible can lead to and I swore to myself that I will not debate with my parents about what I have done, is right. Being misled by my friends and even my own intuition destroyed my reputation in the area I have lived. The Germany I know was not the same to me anymore because looking forward into 12th grade and back onto my transcript I knew I had no future. No accomplishments, mediocre grades, and negative comments from my teacher made me fall into a state of sorrow. For days I look beyond the skies to find an answer of what to do next. Suddenly, a mysterious object cuts through the clouds decapitating it from its nimbus body and lifted my spirit once more high sky. In that moment I knew what I was going to do and strive for to recover from this rehabilitation. Not long it took me to grab my belongings and start the adventure of my life that would change everything. Friends, teachers, coaches, and even my father I left behind to seek my dream. My exact words, “Ich werde Dich niemals vergessen, Vater” awoke the river in my eyes and a last embrace of solitude I gave before the step of new life has began. Fourteen

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Maturity is commonly used word, but when asked what the word means many people simply shrug their shoulders. Maturity isn’t a word that has a clear definition. Being based primarily on one’s connotation, it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Personally I picked this word up through context. However, upon doing a careful study of where this word originates and other’s connotation’s, I feel I’ve achieved a relatively good understanding. Webster claims the word to mean “based on slow careful consideration,” but I feel there is much more to this word than that. How can a word our society uses so much have such a loose definition. Teacher’s and parents refer to their children as mature or immature. But maybe one teacher’s definition of…show more content…

However can one express maturity at all times? Maybe someone’s “best possible outcome” differs from another, who is then more mature? Again, maturity is driven from one’s own connotation. This is why there is such confusion in adolescents and their push to become mature.
In Joyce Carol Oates - Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, there is a conflict with maturity. Connie, the stories main character, feels she is extremely mature, so she does stuff in her opinion mature people do. This leads to a stranger showing up on her doorstep asking her to come outside and drive away with him. The story says, “She could see then that he wasn't a kid, he was much older—thirty, maybe more. At this knowledge her heart began to pound faster.” It concludes with Connie leaving with the man and our imaginations predicting the rest. This story helps to demonstrate the differences on the ideas of maturity.
One hundred years ago, at the turn of the century, maturity was viewed much differently then now. Children were supposed to of been “seen not heard” and were considered mature by staying out of affairs. Now-a-days, society’s stressing that everyone’s opinion matters. Back in 2003, fourteen year old Brittany Bergquist and her brother twelve year old brother Robbie started a program known as Cell phones for Soldiers. The aim of this company is to donate a total of twelve million dollars in prepaid phone cards to the soldiers to call home via donations of old phones. We

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