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What is VCOP and Big Write?
VCOP and Big Write is a teaching approach based on the research of Ros Wilson, an expert based in the UK. It focuses on four main aspects of the writing process (VCOP) and provides children with the skills to improve their own writing through self-assessment. We have four mascots that represent each section of VCOP.
V is for Vocabulary:
Vinnie Vocabulary is our vocabulary mascot. He assists students in the use of ‘WOW words’ in their writing. Wow words are words that are also known as ambitious vocabulary, this is based on the students’ age and ability.
C is for Connectives:
Connie Connectives is our connectives mascot. She supports students in using connectives (joining words) to change their simple sentences into complex sentence.
O is for Openers:
Ollie Opener is our openers mascot. Ollie encourages students to use varied openers to ensure their writing doesn’t appear ‘boring’.
P is for Punctuation:
Penny Punctuation is our punctuation mascot. Children are taught the names of the different types of punctuation and they learn to use them in their writing.

VCOP sessions are conducted each morning. These sessions are based on one or more of the VCOP elements and provide students with lots of fun and engagement. Ros Wilson insists that “if children can’t say it, they can’t write it”.

Big Write is a celebration of students’ learning. This is conducted on a Friday. The biggest difference between Big Write and the ‘everyday’ writing session is the environment. The classroom has a different atmosphere. The lights are tuned off, candles are burning (every student has a LED candles) and quiet music is playing. Students are not allowed to talk to each other and the teacher takes this time to conference with students one to one and look at their individual writing goals. On a Monday ‘Talk Homework’ will be sent home to allow the students opportunities to talk about their upcoming writing.

A Cold Write is where students are not given the opportunity to talk about the topic before writing and the learning aides are removed. This is an opportunity for students to display what they know without the assistance from external resources.

Talk Homework is sent home with the newsletter to allow the students opportunities to talk about their writing, gain ideas from family and friends and to assist in making the most out of their Big Write session.

TopicDate of Big Write (Thursday)
Kids should learn to cook29/3/18
Advertising for fast food should be banned22/3/18
Kids should earn pocket money8/3/18
We should all eat homegrown food1/3/18
School Captains need to be in Grade 6 (S)
All kids should save money (J)

Kung Fu Punctuation

Classroom Games & Ideas

These free downloads are designed to help set up and support your classroom in your Big Write and VCOP journey. They have been created by teachers, and ourselves, and kindly donated in order to continue to build this free Australasian resource for you.

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