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7 companies that will send you abroad for a year or two

Need a change of scenery? These employers offer international travel as part of the job.

Argentina. Egypt. Switzerland. What do those three picturesque countries have in common? Well, for one thing, you could be getting paid to live there.

That’s no joke.

Today’s global economy means that many U.S. employers have offices all over the world, and many big firms offer employees the opportunity to take short-term assignments in far off places. You won’t just get the chance to travel on someone else’s dime—though that in itself is pretty sweet. You’ll also develop cross-market knowledge that could position you for leadership later on.

Eager to see the world? Monster found seven companies that offer team members the chance to work abroad for a year or two. Get your resume—and your passport—ready.

Boston Consulting Group

U.S. headquarters: Boston
Number of employees: 12,000
What it does: Management consulting for private, public and nonprofit organizations
Locations include: Australia, India and Germany, among others
Programs offered: Associate Abroad, Ambassador and Practice Area Ambassador programs allow employees to participate in extended-stay assignments (typically one year) in one of the company’s worldwide offices. The company also offers global transfers for 12 to 24 months, or permanently.

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U.S. headquarters: New York City
Number of employees: 225,400
What it does: Professional consulting firm focusing on audit, tax and advisory services
Locations include: Germany, U.K. and Japan, among others.
Programs offered: Deloitte has partnerships in 150 countries and offers assignments that vary from short-term client service projects to longer-term strategic roles. These international placements are offered at every level, from interns to executives, to give employees an opportunity to enhance their skill sets, build cross-cultural capabilities and develop leadership competencies.

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U.S. headquarters: Chicago
Number of employees: 6,000
What it does: Communications, marketing and public relations firm, which also includes specialty firms Edelman Intelligence (research) and United Entertainment Group (entertainment, sports, experiential)
Locations include: Johannesburg, Sao Paulo and Shanghai, among others.
Programs offered: The Daniel J. Edelman Global Fellows program transfers promising employees to jobs at Edelman offices on the other side of the world for up to 18 months. Edelman says this international experience benefits clients by having staff members who understand global markets, and benefits employees by enriching their global perspective of issues.

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General Electric

U.S. headquarters: Fairfield, CT
Number of employees: 330,000
What it does: A digital industrial company specializing in areas that include aviation, health care, mining, power and energy
Locations include: U.K., Nigeria and China, among others
Programs offered: The nature of GE is global, so there are many roles and opportunities for employees to work abroad, including a two-year financial management program that lets participants rotate to other countries.

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U.S. headquarters: McLean, VA
Number of employees: 80,000
What it does: Manufacturer of numerous consumer products, including pet food and candies
Locations include: Brazil, India and Mexico, among others
Programs offered: The Mars Ambassador Program offers work and volunteer experience abroad for associates to gain skills, increase business knowledge and form partnerships worldwide. Outside of the program, Mars offers opportunities for associates to go on short-term or long-term international assignments.

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U.S. headquarters: Glendale, CA
Number of employees: 335,000
What it does: Manufacturer of food products, including baby food, bottled water, pet food and snacks.
Locations include: Switzerland, Brazil and Canada, among others
Programs offered: Nestlé offers several formal programs for international assignments, including the Digital Acceleration Team, with members learning about digital communications and partnerships; the Innovation Acceleration Team, with members working with operations teams in other countries to help develop their talent pipelines; and the Nestlé Market Audit, which focuses on finances and supporting other countries. Even if an employee is not part of one of these teams, Nestlé’s global presence offers employees other opportunities for international assignments.

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SC Johnson

U.S. headquarters: Racine, WI
Number of employees: 12,000
What it does: Manufacturer of household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals
Locations include: Argentina, Poland and Egypt, among others
Programs offered: SC Johnson says it’s dedicated to developing employees’ skills, so it offers opportunities for job rotations across departments and international geographies. Generally, these positions are for marketing, finance or general management.

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Updated : 26/01/2018

Posted workers

UK decision to invoke Article 50 of the TEU: More information

For the time being, the United Kingdom remains a full member of the EU and rights and obligations continue to fully apply in and to the UK:

Your employer can post you to another EU country to carry out a temporary service. During this period, you will acquire the status of a "posted worker" and benefit from special working conditions and rights.

Working conditions

While posted to another EU country, you fall under the conditions and terms of employment of the host country. These relate to:

  • minimum rates of pay: your wage may not be less than the local minimum wage or the wage set by binding collective agreements in your sector of employment, if these are in force in the host country
  • maximum work periods and minimum rest periods
  • health and safety at work
  • conditions on hiring workers through temporary agencies
  • employment conditions for pregnant women and young people
  • equal treatment for men and women and other rules to prevent discrimination

Your employer may also pay your costs for travel, boarding and lodging in the EU country where you are posted, if this is foreseen in your home country's legislation. These allowances will have to be paid on top of your normal wage.

National websites on posting

Check the national website of your host country to find out the terms and conditions of work for posted workers, as well as contact information of the local authorities.

Choose country:

* Information not yet provided by national authorities

Other rights

While posted to another EU country:

  • you won't need a work permit - unless you are an employee posted from Croatia to Austria, where restrictions apply to work in certain sectors
  • you won't need to have your professional qualifications recognised; however, you may need to make a written declaration for some professions: find out more on recognition of professional qualifications
  • you won't have to deal with pension bodies from different countries when you retire - your host country's institutions will not be involved.

Income tax

If you are a posted worked for less than six months, you should not be liable to pay income tax in your country of destination.

However, there are no EU-wide laws laying down which country can tax your income during a posting. This may be set out in national laws or tax agreements between EU countries: find out more on income tax.

Social security cover while abroad

As a posted worker, you will continue to be covered by the social security system of your home country for a maximum of 2 years. Find out what formalities you need to carry out.

If you are working abroad for more than 2 years, you will have to switch to the social security system of the country where you work. In some specific cases, you can extend your social security cover to more than 2 years.

Advance declaration

Your employer may also need to fill in an advance notification to the authorities in your country of destination stating your workplace there, the duration of your posting, and contact information, among other things.

Make sure that your employer takes care of this to avoid being fined in the other country.

For details, contact the liaison office for posted workers or single contact point in the country you're going to.

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